Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lululun Brightening Facial Mask Review

Hi girlies! Today I want to talk about the Lululun Brightening Facial Mask. I bought it in Tokyo last year when I went for a quick visit. I think I bought this at Log-on... but I might be wrong. I thought at 420 yen for 7 pieces, you really can't go wrong! I also bought the one in pink packaging which is the Lululun Moisture Type Facial Mask.

Paper quality: To be honest, the paper quality is not that great. It's extremely flimsy and thin. The fit is quite poor as I often had to struggle to make it fit all parts of my face. Pulling and tugging oftentimes tears it apart.
Effectiveness: To my surprise, the brightening effect is beyond my expectation given the poor paper quality. I feel that my complexion is more balanced and my pores look smaller after using it. The essence isn't too strong either. My skin did not break out from it or feel sensitive at all.
Packaging: Unlike most other face masks in the market, there is no individual packaging for each mask. All 7 pieces of masks are in this zip lock bag type of thing.
Repurchase? I might repurchase it if I ever visit Japan again because it's cheaper over there. I definitely won't go out of my way to search for it in Hong Kong. 
I also tried the Lululun Moisture Type Facial Mask, but I feel that it's nothing special at all. This one is even cheaper at 315 yen for 7 pieces. However, I wouldn't purchase this if I can find the brightening one.

Much love.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream Review 晶亮多效早安亮白霜

Hi girlies! Today, I want to share my experience in using the Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream 晶亮多效早安亮白霜 for the past two to three months. I found this product on sale at Mannings in Hong Kong for HK$3x and decided to grab it cause I was running out of day cream. It has 50ml of product.
It has "Extra UV Protection SPF17/PA++" and it has the following "3 potent ingredients"
Snowpine White Source 10x more efficient than Vitamin C to help remove dullness & fade out dark spots.
Micro-smoothing Agent with gentle exfoliating action to smoothen skin texture. The formula helps minimize pores.
Pure Lemon Essence with ultimate anti-oxidant efficacy to boost healthy glow. With SPF17/PA++ to protect your skin from UVA and UVB.

Texture: The texture is a little sticky and thick after application especially in this humid Hong Kong weather. It also often leaves a rubbery residue if I don't rub it in my skin well enough. 
Whitening property: I do think its whitening property is decent as I feel that it does brighten up my complexion. 
Packaging: The packaging is a very typical tub and it's definitely not my favourite as it is not very hygienic. 
Scent: The scent isn't that noticeable to me which I like. If anything, it has a fresh citrus scent.

Verdict: I am trying to use it up as this is the only face cream I have right now that has SPF and I do think it's important to put on SPF everyday. However, I will most likely not repurchase this because I don't think it's suitable for combination skin (you might have better luck with it if you have dry skin).

Much love.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Daily Illuminating Serum Review

Hi girlies! I bought the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Daily Illuminating Serum about two months ago at Mannings for around HK$1xx. This product has 50 ml and it is in a tube shape, making it really easy to apply. I simply put some on the back of my hand and apply it all over my face with my finger, with concentration on my cheeks for my freckles and acne spots.

This product claims to fade all three types of dark spots for even skin tone: 1) acne marks, 2) dark spots, and 3) age spots. "Garnier creates Dark Spot Corrector, a daily skincare product that helps correct by visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots and illuminates skin natural glow, whilst giving intense 24hr moisturization. The light, non-greasy formula is highly concentrated in pure Vitamin C, known for its anti-oxidant and brightening properties to fade all three dark spots for even skin tone."

Background on my skin: I don't have age spots, but I do have quite a bit of freckles and some acne marks. I have combination (and slightly sensitive) skin type.

It doesn't dry my skin nor does it break my skin out. I've been using it religiously day and night for about 2 months now. I don't think it did much to lighten my dark spots - like my freckles and acne marks. However, I do think it slightly evens out my skin tone. My skin becomes quite smooth after application.

Note that because the product is highly concentrated in pure Vitamin C, the first time I used this, my skin felt slightly irritated. I was so scared that I would be allergic to it and my skin would break out. Thankfully, I haven't felt irritated from it ever since. Also because of the high concentration of pure Vitamin C, be sure to shut the cap tight after usage. Otherwise, you may notice that the product would become more yellow in colour because of oxidization. The smell of this is very similar to other Garnier products that I've tried. The fragrance is actually is quite strong.

I probably won't repurchase this because although it seems to smooth out my skin, I feel that its main purpose of fading out my dark spots is not that effective. 

Much love.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bonjour Sale Summer 2014 卓悅減價敗家分享

Hi girlies! I suddenly had the strongest urge to share my recent haul at Bonjour. I went to multiple Bonjour stores (Wanchai, Causeway Bay, and Tsim Sha Tsui) in the past week to hunt down any awesome deals I could find. The price of the sale items starts at HK$1! However, each customer is allowed to only purchase one of most reduced items. 

I realized there are way too many Bonjour stores in Hong Kong. There are literally 3 stores on the same street in Causeway Bay! As a deal hunter, the frequent appearance of their stores is really a distraction and a major risk to my wallet! Here are some of the things I bought, most of which are sheet masks. 

PetiteBelle Collagen (Marine Firming Mask) - HK$1 each
PetiteBelle Hyaluronic (Concentrate Soothing Mask) - HK$1 each
PetiteBelle Royal Jelly (Midnight Recovery Mask) - HK$1 each
Illi moisture and calming masks - HK$4.9 each
Nature Republic Olive and Avocado masks - HK$4.9 each

I actually already used a PetiteBelle Collagen mask and a Nature Republic Green Tea mask (not shown). When I first put on the PetiteBelle Collagen mask, I felt that the texture of the mask was too flimsy, and there was way too much liquid in the package making it rather messy to put on. However, the result was not bad. I felt the effect of the mask even the day after. I think at HK$1, you can't really go wrong for sure. The Nature Republic Green Tea mask, on the other hand, was not as effective on my skin in my opinion.

Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Brightening Stretch Eye Mask (5 pieces) - HK$15 (Originally HK$48)
My Beauty Diary Intensive Brightening Mask (5 pieces) - HK$31 (Originally HK$5x)
Tony Moly Changing Magic Mask Sheet Box (7 pieces) - HK$19 (Originally HK$ 69)

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack - HK$49 (Originally HK$1xx)
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask - HK$55
Tony Moly Water Bomb Sleeping Pack - Hk$19

I tried the Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack just now. It's a super time efficient mask. You only need to leave it on your face for about five minutes. My skin feels really good afterwards. I think the pores look smaller, but we'll see if the effect lasts until tomorrow!

Here are some other things I bought
Japanese branded foot cream - HK$9.9
Colgate Optic White toothpaste - HK$4.9
Olay White Radiance SPF30 PA+++ ultra UV protective fluid - HK$19.9
Random honey and aloe soap - HK$1

I just realized there are a bunch of other random things that I forgot to take a picture of:
- Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel - HK18 (Yep, I bought three cause I figured these would be awesome souvenirs for friends and family)
- Dabo cleaning foam in clear fresh lime - HK$9.9
- Some random shampoo and conditioner at HK$9.9 each

Hope some of you would find this interesting. Now I have more face masks than face, I better start cracking these bad boys every night. If I find the time, I will try to do more reviews here.

Much love.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anthropology Goodness

Hallelujah!  The Anthro Dress God has spoken...

And the God who is in charge of all other goodness has whispered my name...

Oh how I miss my Anthropology visits.  Now, I can only indulge in silly online window shopping.  
I can't complain, it's better than nothing.

Much Love.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Innisfree Nail Polish in 104

I've been falling in love with blue nail polishes lately.  I found this Innisfree one in colour 104 as mentioned in my last haul post.  The price is relatively inexpensive at $25 HKD.  I like the small glitters in the polish that gives it a duo chrome effect of dark blue and purple.  This reminds me of the galaxy and outer space :)
I usually apply 3 coats to get my desired effect.  It dries fairly quickly.  I didn't apply a top coat and the wear isn't that great.  However, I also applied this on my toes and the colour stayed for quite a long time.  Taking it off was quite easy as well considering that this is a glitter polish.

Since I'm loving blue polishes lately, I'm drooling over Chanel's 667 in Bel-Argus in its Summer 2013 collection which looks absolutely gorgeous.  Definitely check that one out!

Much love.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Innisfree Haul

 A super cute store in Causeway Bay with tons of greeneries on the exterior has been catching my attention recently.  The fact that there is always a short line of girls outside waiting to get in makes me even more curious.  I'm talking about the Innisfree store in Causeway Bay close to Forever21 and across from Hysan Place.

Yesterday while hanging out with my girlfriend before dinner, we decided to check it out.  We found out that we can become a member with a $100 HKD purchase.  The membership is a point system where you get 1 point for every $100 HKD you spend.  And once you get 10 points, you can use it as $10 HKD.  The perk is really not that amazing but since it's quite easy to join, we joined nonetheless cause how can you say no to a cute beauty store? fml...
I spent a total of $105 HKD.
- 2 sheet masks ($10 each)
- 3 capsule sleeping packs ($20 each)
- 1 nail polish ($25)
Sheet masks in Acai Berry and Gold Kiwi
I'm super excited to try these.  I got the Jejubija & Aloe, Pomegranate, and Rice.  These are sleeping packs that should be applied before sleeptime and can be left on until the morning.  There are other types of capsules that have to be washed off after 10 to 20 minutes.  Those ones are $15 rather than $20 each.  I didn't get those ones cause knowing myself, I'm too lazy to wash it off... -_-  Each capsule can be used two to three times.
Last but not least, I picked up a nail polish.  I've been really liking dark polishes lately.  This one is in number 104.  The colour is an indigo colour.  Depending on the light, it's either dark purple or dark blue.  There is also small specs of sparkles inside.  Super pretty - it reminds me of the galaxy.  There are also tons of choices that resemble the Deborah Lippmann polishes glitter polishes. 

Hope you enjoyed my haul :)  I'll try and do some reviews soon.

Much Love.